Pape Clément 1989mercredi, 15 mars 2006

With some friends, all born in the same year, we have created a club.

We meet once every two months, and the one who invites the others is always different.

We meet in Automobile Club of France where I am member.

Aperitif by the bar with a Moët & Chandon NV which has certainly more than 10 years. So the champagne has got signs of age, is a little smoked, and it is loveable.

I thought it would not be possible for the second bottle to be as good, but, to my surprise, it was as good. These champagnes, when they get a little age, are purely lovely.

I am not a big fan of Moët, except on vintage cuvées. But with age, it is largely better. It makes sense to store such champagnes for 10 years.


Then on a very ordinary cook (in school, I would give a note : "could do better"), we had three bottles of Pape Clément 1989.


Due to the cellar of the club (on Place de la Concorde) the wines get probably more age than in a normal cellar.

– the first was very balanced

– the second had a pronounced wood, rather charming, which pleased me

– the third had a little too alcohol in front of the scene;


But the three bottles had a common characteristic :

The wine is good. Really good. Very obvious personality, and what pleased me, did not try to show. Very balanced and not playing with its muscles.


I do not know how behaves Pape Clément now, under the leadership of Mr. Magrez, but this way of making the 1989 pleased me a lot.

A very pleasant wine.

I hope it is today in the same direction as this very charming, balanced, elegant Pape Clément 1989.