wines of the François Audouze categorymercredi, 17 mai 2006

Le site donne de jolies histoires sur le vin.

Un ami m’envoie un compte-rendu fait sur ce site dont il extrait cette phrase : "

The next two wines belong to the François Audouze category: i.e. impossibly rare. The first was a Van der Meulen bottling of Chateau Pavie-Macquin 1928. A Burgundian nose laced with a little peppermint, unbelievably fresh on the palate, this was more than just a curiosity, but a wine that was only to willing to satiate the palate after 78-years. It seemed so natural and elegant, a one-off wine, an unforgettable brief encounter.

Next, a wine so rare that even Michael Broadbent is bereft of a note: Chateau Lynch Bages 1899. Was it coincidence that as the wine was being uncorked, Jean-Charles Cazes appeared like the shopkeeper in Mr. Benn. Maybe he sniffed Lynch Bages 1899 in the ether over at the chateau and tracked the scent like a bloodhound to the restaurant. Or perhaps, given that the chateau’s stock of older vintages were pillaged by its previous owners, he was aware of its presence and popped over for a quick sip? Whatever, he took a look at the antique and even suggested that this may have been bottled at the chateau? "

Le fait que mon nom soit associé à une catégorie de vins a toujours quelque chose de plaisant.