Un vigneron espagnol cherche du crowdfundingjeudi, 16 juillet 2015

Voici le message que j’ai reçu de ce vigneron qui cherche du financement de particuliers et des blogueurs qui relaient l’information :



De : Ruben Gago <jrubengago@hotmail.com> +34633152239 Site :

[text your-site]

Sujet : Opening a new small winery with soul in Spain


Corps du message :



My name’s Ruben Gago, from Spain, and I am contacting after learning of your site because I am opening a small winery in Spain and you might be able to help:


Let me explain: Our winery is located in Riofrio de Aliste (A small village in the North-West of Spain, close to the border with Portugal, in the province of Zamora). There we have a family vineyard of 1.5 ha of mencía vines planted back in the 40’s by my grandparents. That’s the one and only grapes we will use to produce our wines.


Recently I found the crowdfunding website www.fundovino.com and thought it would be really interesting for me to launch a campaign there (It would allow me to get some funds for the opening of the winery and also I would get a big public exposure right from the beginning).


So right now I’m in the middle of preparing this crowdfunding campaign. To make it the most successful possible, I am trying to contact wine bloggers who are interested in sharing small projects with soul like mine.


I am also interested in finding distributors who can do a tasting of my wines once the campaign is live (September this year).


So, if you are interested in sharing a note of the project in your blog or somewhere, it would be great! (I’m not quite sure if your any comment would fit in your site…) Either way, if know anybody who could be interested, that would be great if you can let me know. Any help will be very welcomed!


Thank you so much for reading.





Bonne chance à ce vigneron