The lunch by Spago with the oldest Yquemdimanche, 4 novembre 2007

I arrive by Spago, and I see Christian Navarro, taking the sun, with a look à la Mickey Rourke.

 In the main room which we will not use, this painting is reproduced on the menus that each of us will receive. The welcome champagne is this Mumm de Cramant of Mumm.


These two groups of glasses have already the year printed on the foot, ready to receive the golden liquids.


On the feet on the left : 1899, 1921, 1937, 1945, 1949. Even empty, it is impressive.

The magnum of Yquem 1947 is impressive too.


Nice bottles. In front on the right, the two 1948.


The picture on the right is not precise enough, but I would like that Pierre Lurton having in hand the magnum of 1947 would be together with Wolfgang Puck, the talented chef.


The 1947, 1948 and 1934 are poured.


I wear the empty magnum of 1947 in the company of Serena Suttcliffe. Things begin to be serious when Pierre Lurton explains the wines of Yquem.


The sauce, on the left, was incredibly good with the wines.


Jancis Robinson talks with Bipin Desai. The picture is taken from my seat. In front of me, on the first row, 1937, 1949 and 1945. Behind, two monsters, 1921 and 1899. To have these glasses in front of me is incredible.


The Kobe beef was a pure marvel with the old Yquem. The Stilton was OK but the Roquefort was too intense.


Wolfgang Puck the brilliant chef and Bipin Desai exchange nice words.

 Pierre Lurton joins the group. Wolfgang is always so moving that I was unable to take a picture with him being quiet.

A fantastic lunch (see report).