The Audouze method becomes a standard !jeudi, 27 avril 2006

In an article on New York Times, April 25th, in the section Dining and wine, there is an article signed by Eric Asimov whose title is : « The pour ».

And he says in the middle of his article :  »

The 2001 Pontet-Canet surprised me the most. I was looking forward to this wine, which I had not tasted since last spring, when it finished at the top in a Wine Panel tasting of 2001’s from the Medoc.

It was not nearly as good as I had remembered it. The aroma was young and primary, with little complexity, and it seemed hollow in the middle. It sat in my glass until Dr. S pointed out how brilliantly this wine went with the watercress salad, and he was right. Maybe it was the acidity of the wine that matched the dressing, but it also went well with the potato gateau. Maybe it just needed more air, even though we had opened the bottles hours before, pouring a little out of each bottle in an alternative to decanting sometimes called the Audouze method.  »

Needless to say that I am proud ! (the method is explained in this blog).