Stéphane Derenoncourt presents the 2012 of the wines for which he is consultantlundi, 25 mars 2013

It is the tenth time that Derenoncourt presents the wines of the numerous domains for which he acts as a consultant. It was in Paris in hotel George V.

Usually, the presentation is made some months after the week of primeurs, but this time it is more than one week before.

I am always amazed to see how numerous the domains using his advises are. It is around 60, mainly in Bordeaux but also all over the world.

For the 1st time, I have drunk wines of India. I will need probably one thousand years to understand the Vedic qualities of these wines.


What is amazing is that the juices are extremely friendly and nice to drink. Some are already very pleasant to drink.

What is positive too is that the wines are all different which means that they do not have a « Derenoncourt style », but their own style, with a grain of salt of the Derenoncourt talent.


Some wine have pleased me a lot : Clos Fourtet, Larcis Ducasse, Smith Haut Lafitte, Canon La Gaffelière, La Mondotte, La Gaffelière, Domaine de Chevalier, Petit Village. These wines have a real character, and are largely more pleasant than what I expected.


This said, is it possible to predict something at that stage ? First I am not a specialist of young wines. But I think that the wines which appear to be well built and coherent will be greater wines than the ones that look to be imprecise. Using this type of exclusion : well built versus imprecise is possible for me. But to prognosticate the future of wines one by one is probably not accurate if it would be made by someone like me.


My impression is that the wines that I have named are great wines. Now let us wait until the real experts appear on the scene on the beginning of April. We will probably hear that 2012 is for the twelfth time, the millesime of the century.