Primitive tasteslundi, 5 août 2013

Primitive tastes

In France we have a museum devoted to « les arts premiers », which could be translated by « primitive arts » or « initial arts ».

I have had the idea to find which are for me the primitive tastes or initial tastes, but which could be better named by « immediate tastes ».

This means tastes which are immediately recognized as « wow » tastes.

Having reached that stage, I knew that everyone has his own taste because he has his own history. Therefore, there will never be any universal answer.

But, why not answering the question.


For sweet tastes, my answer (of a French man) is :


1 – a perfect ripe apricot

2 – a Calisson d’Aix

3 – chocolate mousse (and I would add : from my mother)


Candidates for the following places : macaroon, sugared cakes with a peach salad, passion fruit….


For salted tastes, my answer would be :


1- fried eggs

2 – freshly cooked baguette with butter

3 – pigeon filet cooked with blood drop


Other candidates would be : langoustines, perfect camembert, garlic sausage, Robuchon mashed potatoes.

What is clear in these answers is that I do not name sophisticated recipes from the most taneted chefs. I name tastes which are immediately recognized. The second thing which is clear is that it is the answer of a French man.


The temptation was then to use this concept for alcoholic beverages.

My answer is :


1 – Chartreuse Tarragone before 1930

2 – a nice cool beer because nothing refreshes as well as a beer

3 – a great Port wine around 1945.


I did not name sophisticated wines, but tastes immediately enjoyable at a high level.


It would be good to compare with answers from other horizons.