my cellar was on Tele Monte-Carlosamedi, 5 août 2006

I did not mention it as I did not want that it would be badly appreciated that I announce it in advance.

So, on this Saturday, at 7 pm French time on Tele Monte Carlo, there was a subject on collectors.

The announce which is given some minutes before the time showed Mr. Al Fayed in the house of Duke of Windsor that he has acquired.

Then pub, then weather, then, Rosalie, the producer of the emission interviews Mr Al Fayed, either in Hotel Ritz or in the house of Duke of Windsor.
Then pub, then Al Fayed again.
Then the subject stops (why ?) and Rosalie announces a subject on a collector less known than Mr Al Fayed, and for three minutes, I talk in my cellar, showing rare bottles.
Then the subject on my cellar and me ends and the subject on Al Fayed continues.

At the end, my wife and some friends who had viewed with us told me : it was good.
But I was depressed.
No logic in including the subject on my cellar. It appeared as if they had no more to say on Duke of Windsor’s house.
I was frustrated.

I had given them a good way to introduce my subject as I had acquired a part of the cellar of Duke of Windsor. So they could have given a logic to the subject.
I can imagine that no one has understood why there was a subject on an obscure man within a subject on Mr Al Fayed.

It is not very important. But I would have been pleased if the subject had a greater logic.

Now, my cellar will be hidden