je prépare un dîner avec des amis américainssamedi, 25 février 2006

Last year I made a trip to Bordeaux with American people and we had magnificent moments during this trip.
I met an American man travelling with his son who had said before the trip that he would be happy to attend one of my dinners.
I prepared a dinner specially for him and his son (with other guests of course), and he announced : "I will bring a magnum of Haut-Brion white 1949". This was so generous that I decided to add to the dinner one of my Cyprus 1845 that I love so much.
The dinner was excellent.

This American friend announced recently : I would like to attend another dinner with my son.
So, I considered that this should be a dinner not within my structure but a familial dinner, and I said : I invite you and your sons (2) at home with my children too.
And he announced that he would come with a magnum of Krug 1976, and with two Laville Haut-Brion white 1947.
So, I told him that I would have to see in my cellar what could be opened on that day.

I have already told that one of the greatest moments for me is when I choose the wines, as I try to figure how my guests will enjoy the dinner.
And I try to do it by instinct.
In this case, I thought of the children. I would be happy if they remember this dinner for their entire life.
I should say that I have asked my friend who cooks so well to make the dinner at my home.

I chose first a Chateau Chalon Clos des Logaudes 1864. This is my oldest Jura wine, and I had decided that I would open it this year. This is a marvellous opportunity to do it.

Then I chose a Vouvray d’origine 1929, an enigmatic taste for a 1929 as it hesitates between a dry wine and a sweet wine. It is something unbelievable. No producer, no label, but a fantastic wine. The name is printed by burning letters on individual wood boxes.

Then I chose a Gewurztraminer SGN Hugel 1934 as it is probably the best year ever in Alsace

Then I chose Pétrus 1971 as I consider that 1971 was a magic year for Pomerols.

Now it was time to choose a sweet wine. I have such a nice memory of Filhot 1929 which was spectacular, so I chose this wine.

So, the provisory program for this dinner is :

– Magnum Krug 1976
Vouvray d’origine 1929

2 Laville Haut-Brion white 1947

Pétrus 1971

Gewurztraminer Sélection de Grains Nobles Hugel 1934

Château Chalon Clos des Logaudes 1864

Château Filhot 1929

Normally one or two wines should be added in the reds category. We will see.
This should be a nice dinner (on April 22nd at my home, the day before my birthday).

Choosing the wines is one of my greatest pleasures.