I have drunk Mouton 2005 !jeudi, 9 mars 2006

I am probably the first in the world, outside the staff of Mouton, to have drunk Mouton 2005.

If I am not the first, I am the second, but who cares.

And it is a paradox that I, someone who loves old wines, drink such a baby.

I tasted la Fleur Milon 2005 : smell of blackberry and pepper. Very stiff in mouth.

d’Armaillac 2005 has a softer nose and is largely more round in mouth. Very fruity of course.

Clerc Milon 2005 has an incredible elegance. I loved this wine.

The Petit Mouton de Mouton Rohschild is more powerful but has not the elegance of Clerc Milon.

Then I put my lips on Mouton 2005, tasted on March 8, 2006.

What strikes me is that there is no default. Everything appears very balanced.

And then I thought : let me just imagine that I drink this wine, not knowing it is Mouton : would I love it as I love it, knowing it is Mouton ?

And the evidence came when I went back to Clerc Milon.

This wine that I had loved did not shine any more when compared to the Mouton.

This Mouton is certainly a great juice.


Now, how to judge ?

Show me a baby of six months, and ask me : what will be this baby when he will be 18 years old, and what will he be when he will be 35 years old.


On that question, probably experts have the answer. I have not. I can only say that this wine is made with modern techniques : the grapes are very mature. The juice is elegant, balanced and could be drunk in a dinner.


For the future : see experts.


Note : during the dinner that I had by Cordeilhan Bages with Philippe Dhalluin we talked about history. According to the notes kept in their files, the Mouton 1928 was undrinkable for many years. So, it was undrinkable on March 8, 1929.

What would you say on a Mouton 2005 which is drinkable on March 8, 2006 ???????


Experts will tell.