I bought some old Chavevendredi, 2 mars 2007

I had bought some wines with the help of an expert, Pétrus 1975, a Port 1887, a Haut-Brion white 1980 and some other stuff, and to give me the bottles against one bank check, he invited me for a lunch.

We began with a Peyre Rose, Clos Syrah Leone 1998, a Coteaux du Languedoc, and I must say that I appreciated it. The smell is pure, genuine, and in mouth, what is comfortable is that there is no wood. Very agreeable, of course alcoholic with 14.5°, I liked it despite a certain lack of imagination. Well made, but not inspired. This is not the wines that I chase, but why not.

Things changed with a Chateau Ausone 1952. Opened much too late, and shaken by the walk of my friend when coming to the restaurant, this wine would have disturbed many palates. But after some sips, what a delight ! I ate the sediment with a lubricious pleasure.

This wine has all the characteristics of Ausone, and it is velvety, cosy, even if weak when compared with greater vintages. But who cares as we had a true emotional Ausone.

This invitation should normally have an object, and I heard it clearly.

He told me that he has visited a cellar of a man living in the centre of France, who has a big collection of Chave and La Chapelle.

He said : I have never seen bottles which such magnificent levels.

Stupidly I said : could I have a look? I was hooked.

I went to his place where he had put his buy and I bought 10 Chave Hermitage 1962, 3 Chave Hermitage 1964, 5 La Chapelle Hermitage 1962, and he offered me an exciting Hermitage white 1961 and a completely unknown wine. All levels are in the middle of the neck or up neck.

As I have no idea on such wines, only experience will tell !