Domaine de Bouchon Café Voisin 1900lundi, 6 janvier 2014

We intend to open with friends some great wines.

I have announced my « official » wine of 1906, great year in Burgundy.

As the program looks great, it is an occasion to add and open a rarity that I have in my cellar : Domaine de Bouchon Café Voisin 1900

I have never drunk this wine and up to now I thought it is a red wine, but the capsule says « Sainte Croix du Mont ». We will see. We will explore the unknown.

Looking at information about Café Voisin, I have found that the chef was Alexandre Choron who is known to have invented the famous « sauce Choron », a special Béarnaise.

But he is known to have created a very provocative dinner during the war of 1870, for Christmas, cooking animals which were in the « Jardin des Plantes » zoo, the only animals available as only rats were to be eaten during this terrible famine.

This menu is incredible and the cellar of Café Voisin was certainly great as this dinner included Palmer, Mouton, Romanée-Conti, la Tour Blanche and a great Port wine.

When we will drink this wine, we will drink history.

Alexandre Choron has known this wine. It will be exciting.

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