Demain, « mon dîner du siècle à moi »mardi, 14 novembre 2006

Tomorrow, I will have a dinner of only 8 people, as I want to have a significant pour of the wines which come from my cellar (and what works for me will work for every guest ).

Here are the wines and the reasons why I have put them in a dinner :

Dom Pérignon 1966, because this year is probably the best that I have drunk of Dom

Latour 1947, because I want to try

Lafleur Pétrus 1945, because I want to see what it is. The experiences with this wine are not very numerous for me

Cheval Blanc 1947, because it is the legend, and I have added this bottle after everyone had registered. This is my gift, and, what a gift.

Vosne Romanée 1934, producer unknown, because in every dinner that I organise, I want that there is a "foot soldier" which is included. I trust in this bottle, and I would not be surprised if it were ranked very well, which is a way for me to keep cool and not stuck to the adoration of labels.

Romanée Conti DRC 1967, because a dinner without a Romanée Conti is not a dinner 

Montrachet Domaine de la Romanée Conti 1999, because I could be thirsty at that time 

Climens 1929, because it is certainly one of the greatest Sauternes ever

Yquem 1929, because Climens could need a companion

Cyprus Commandaria 1845, because it is the best taste ever in my life. This is the second gift, added after the table was fully registered.

That could be finished, but an American man and his wife who hesitated to register for this dinner will have a dinner in the same restaurant, l’Astrance, one of the best in Paris.
And he will bring, to share with us, a 1900 whisky. So, it could happen that I take a 19th century whisky coming from the cellar of Duke of Windsor (but magnified by the time in my cellar ), just to compare the two very old whiskies.

So, I am preparing myself for an event which could be one of my own century dinners.

( I made this an announcement with a funny tone. It’s just because I am excited. I count the hours !)