An adorable Salondimanche, 22 août 2010

In the South, my first daughter arrived with her man and her two daughters, 10 and 6.
In front of us, there is the semi island of Giens, where I had a house for many years;
A walk along the sea is possible, within an area which was a military possession for a long time.
When army left, the place became a State possession, with no possibility to build anything.
Some military units remain, mainly in telecommunications and sky watching.

We decided to make a walk with my daughter, my son in law and my grand daughter of ten years.
Normally, the walk can take less than two hours, with nice climbing and descending slopes. We walk along the coast, with nice landscapes.

At one moment my daughter does not want to continue and asks that we cross through the forest. Rapidly we get lost not knowing where to go, and we cross forbidden areas, with great signs saying "forbidden zones".
the walk which could have lasted two hours took four hours.

We come back home, take a necessary shower, and what do I say : "it’s time for Salon".

I open a Salon 1997 and we eat saucisson of mountain with aromatic herbs.
The Salon 1997 – at this moment – is purely white flowers, white fruits, and pure elegance.
After an "adventurous" walk, this is the most refreshing champagne that I have ever had.

And from the first drop to the last, this Salon is elegance, romanticism and delicacy.

For me, a wine cannot be separated from the circumstances of its appearance.